US M-1904 Hospital Corps Bolo Knife

In a very good condition a rare to find US M-1904 Hospital Corps Bolo Knife.
The M-1904 Hospital Corps Knife was the first of the modern Springfield Armory made edged weapon to carry a serial number.
Designed for use by the US Army Medical Corps, over 40,000 Hospital Corps Knives were made at the Springfield Armory, Springfield, MA between 1904 and 1914. Like all of the "bolo" knives, these were heavy knives intended for use both as brush clearing devices, as well as weapons. It was designed to aid US soldiers with jungle foliage that they found themselves in with incursions into Cuba and the Philippines, where natives used similar sized machetes.
This very nice example is nicely marked by the Springfield Armory and dated 1914.
The bolo knife comes with the nice supple brown leather scabbard.
A very hard to find knife, the first one we have for sale.

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395.00 EUR