US WW2 Airborne PPN-2 Pathfinder Beacon

In a very good condition and extreme hard to find an US WW2 Airborne Pathfinder PPN-2 Eureka Beacon.

The PPN series were known as the "EUREKA BEACON" transmitter and were used by Pathfinders during airborne drops to signal and guide the main body of planes in to the drop zones. The set projected a signal the incoming planes could home in on and could also be used to transmit short messages to the planes via a code key. Sets had a built in self destruct charge and were issued with a padded jump bag with the entire set weighing about 35 lbs.
The transmitter of this set is in overall good condition. The unit comes without dents and is nicely labelled and 1944 dated.
The tan colored padded jump case has a bit of fading and stains but is in a nice condition. The zips work perfectly. The parachute hook is unfortunalty cut-off like paratroopers did.
The R-30 headset was still in one of the case pockets. Antenna is unfortunalty missing.
A very nice had hard to find paratrooper pathfinder item as used by the 82nd and 101st Airborne Division.

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