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German LW Winter Pilot Boots

In a very good condition a matching pair of German Luftwaffe (non-heating) Winter Pilot Boots.
The boots comes in very nice mannequin size and has still there original soles.
Both boots have the zippers of ZIPP.
No damage on the cloth!
A very nice pair that resenltly was discovered in Germany.

Code: 55843

350.00 EUR

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German DRK Beltbuckle 'OLC'

In a very stunning condition a German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) EM/NCO's Beltbuckle .The buckle is nicely maker marked with the OLC marking and Ges Gesch.
A very good beltbuckle by the Overhoff & Cie Company.

Code: 55850

150.00 EUR

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Alan Fearnley 'THE BRIDGE AT ARNHEM' First Edition Print , Signed by Major General John Frost.

In a very good condition a Fairly scarce first edition print from Alan Fearnley dated 1980:
Signed by Major General John Frost.
Showing 2 para commanded by colonel Frost, repelling German 9th Panzer division on the bridge
Approx 57,5 x 42cm (frame size).
A very nice scarce to find print that comes in it's frame.

Code: 55862

350.00 EUR

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German MG34 A-A Spider Sight

In a very good condition a German MG 34 Anti Aircraft Spider Sight.
The sight comes in the Original colour and is nicely WaA marked.
A very nice spider sight that is getting harder to find!

Code: 55867


German Stahlhelmbund 1921 Badge

In a very good condition and rare to find a German Stahlhelmbund Member badge 1921 (or Diensteintrittsabzeichen 1921)
The size of the badge is 35mm and is made of 935 Silver with the etching "22.2.21 VI.No. 383 ", Maker marked by STh (Stahlhof Magdeburg) GES.GESCH.
A very rare to find early Stahlhelmbund badge!!

Code: 55841

199.00 EUR

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German Luftwaffe Airplane FuG10 Antennenhaspel AH10

In a very nice condition and rare to find a German Luftwaffe Airplane FuG10 Antennehaspel AH10.
The antenna was used for the JU188, HE 177 and Do 217 Airplanes.
The antenna was used for the
Short Wave (SW) and Long Wave (LW) bands only.
A rare to find piece.

Code: 55846

250.00 EUR

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German Painted Porcelain Soldier WW1

In a stunning condition a German painted Porcelain Soldier WW1 with Stahlhelmet.
The German soldier is made of porcelain and is approx. 15cm high.
The buste is on the bottom stamped with a Bavarian crown and letter N.
Very nice handpainted version that is rare to find!

Code: 55865

175.00 EUR

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German WH Combat Y-straps

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht combat Y-straps (or Koppeltraggestell).
The Y-straps comes in a complete condition as found and was never been used in my opinion.
nicely RBN maker marked on the backside.
A very nice y-strap!

Code: 55842

235.00 EUR

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German Third Reich Era Camera Rolleiflex K2 in pouch

In a very good condition a German Third Reich era Rolleiflex K2 Camera in original brown leather pouch.
These camera's were widely used during WW2 by the German Soldiers.
The camera is made by Rolleiflex type Original K2 with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f/3.8.
The camera is DRP and DRGM marked.
A very nice item for every display or mannequin!

Code: 55866


German RAD Long Service medal in Bronze

In a very good condition an early wartime German RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Long service medal in Bronze (or Dienstauszeichnung 4.stufe)
The medal is made in aluminium and is in a very good condition.

Code: 55840

125.00 EUR

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