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German WH Panzer portrait

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht (Heer) portrait of a Panzerman with his wife.
The portrait comes in a size of 43x32cm and is still in it's original frame.
A very nice portrait!!

Code: 56737

99.00 EUR

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German WH Artillery Parade Tunic

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht Artillery Parade tunic (or Waffenrock) for enlisted men.
The tunic comes in the rank of 'Obergefreiter der Artillerie-Truppen'.
The tunic comes in a nice size 2 and was made and marked by 'Bohnsack Braunsweig'.
The tunic is inside marked by Artillery Regiment 67 and has shoulderboards of the 34th Regiment. A very nice parade tunic for sure!

Code: 56706

575.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS Collar Tab set 'Untersturmführer'

In a very good condition a matching German Waffen-SS set of Collar Tabs.
The runes tab has the silver wire treath nicely woven on the buckram backing.
The rank tab comes with 3 Waffen-SS type pips Original attached on the buckram backing.
A very nice set that is almost impossible to upgrade!

Code: 56738

1000.00 EUR

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German WH Close Combat Clasp in Silver

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht Close Combat Clasp (or Nahkampfspange) in Silver.
The CCC zinc version is made by FLL (Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid) and also designer marked F.E.C. W.E. Peekhaus Berlin.
A very nice close Combat clasp.

Code: 56711

550.00 EUR

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German WH Matching M31 Gasmask & Cannister

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht (Heer) M31 Gasmask & Cannister.
The cannister comes with it's original mounted straps (L&F marked) and has the same soldier number as the gasmask.
The cannister is dated 1942 and made by 'ebu'.
Inside the cannister the spring, klarscheiben and cleaning cloth are still on it's place.
One of the best gasmask sets we have had and is in a fully textbook condition!

Code: 56733


German WH P08 Hardshell Pistol Holster

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht P08 (Luger) Hardshell Pistol Holster.
The leather holster comes in a complete condition is WaA stamped on the backside and maker marked by 'dla' 1944 dated.
A very nice holster!

Code: 56727

295.00 EUR

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German SA Funeral Sash

In a very nice condition a set of three German SA (sturmbabteilung) Funeral Sash.
The sash are marked with: Als Letzter Gruss, Gewidmet von der SA Sturm 52/8 and 'Dem toten kamaraden' Treue um Treue.
Very rare to find early wartime funeral sash with swastika's!!

Code: 56735

299.00 EUR

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German RAD Officer Cufftitle 'Emsland'

In a very good condition a German RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Cufftitle 'Emsland'.
The cufftitle comes in the length of 41cm and presumably intended for staff working on the various 'Westwall'-fortifications in the Emsland-region.The cufftitle comes in the BeVo'-flat-wire weave pattern and is 1944 dated.

Code: 56693

85.00 EUR

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German WH Helmet liner size 55/62

In an used condition a German Helmet liner.
The helmet liner is made of zinc and comes in the size of 55 (Helmet size 62)
Leather size 54.
The liner comes with it's original string inside.

Code: 56731


German Waffen-SS GBJ Shoulderboards

In a near mint condition a matching pair of German Waffen-SS officers shoulderboards that comes in the rank of 'Untersturmführer der Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger Truppen'.
Very rare to find set of Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger shoulderboards!!

Code: 56739

450.00 EUR

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