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German WH Iron Cross 2nd Class 'Schinkel'

In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht Iron Cross 2nd Class.
The cross comes in the so called 'Schinkel' Version. (a WW1 pattern frame that makes the cross thinner).
The cross comes with it's attached long ribbon.
A very nice cross!

Code: 58938

250.00 EUR

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Polish WW2 Equipment set

In a very good condition and extreme rare to find a Polish WW2 Equipment set.
The set contains the Model WZ.33 Backpack/Tornister and the WZ.33 Breadbag with Shoulder strap.
The WZ.33 canvas made breadbag comes in a never used condition.
It has some traces of storage and is nicely maker marked by 'Kera' from Warszawa and dated 1939.
The matching breadbag comes in the same never used condition and is also maker marked but hard to read.
This is a extreme rare Polish set that was resently discovered in a German household.

Code: 58942

850.00 EUR

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German WH Combat Engineers Pickaxe

In a very good condition and rare to find a German Wehrmacht Combat Engineers Pick Axe.
The axe is nicely marked on the lower side with maker marking 'ffy' and dated 1944.
A rare to find axe and great for display!

Code: 58963

199.00 EUR

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German WH Gascape Pouch 'GJZ'

In a good condition a German Wehrmacht Gascape Pouch.
The pouch is maker marked by 'GJZ' and is dated 1943.

Code: 58967

40.00 EUR

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German LW NCO Fliegerbluse

In an used condition a German Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse.
The fliegerbluse comes in the rank of 'Unteroffizier' FSJ or Flying personal and is in a good mannequin size.
The fliegerbluse is nicely size stamped and dated 1942.
The breasteagle is unfortunalty removed, therefore we price it very nice!

Code: 58971

725.00 EUR

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German WH/SS Folding Shovel with Carrying Case

In a used condition a German 1st Model Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS Folding Shovel with leather carrying case.
The leather carrying case is in a used condition an missing it's strap.
The folding shovel has a hard to see stamp and is in a working condition.
We priced this very nice!

Code: 58969

250.00 EUR

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German KM Minesweeper Badge with Tinnie

In a very nice condition a German Kriegsmarine Minesweeper badge (Minensuch Kriegsabzeichen) with tinnie/ stickpin.
The zinc made set comes without maker marking and has 65% of it's original paint.

Code: 58936

155.00 EUR

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German Third Reich Period 'Ahnenpass'

In a very good condition a German Third Reich Period 'Ahnenpass' on the name of Harry Leidhold Leonhard,Schiffsoffizier from Berlin
The Ahnenpass is part full with family until 1800.

Code: 58940


German Third Reich Era Chain with Swastika Hanger

In a very good condition a German Third Reich Era Chain with Swastika Hanger.
The hanger comes in a size of 16mm high and 11mm width.
The hanger is metal made and original attached to the metal chain.
A very nice set for display!

Code: 58941

75.00 EUR

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German Mother's Cross in Gold with case

In a very good condition a German Mother's Cross in Gold.
The cross is in a mint condition and comes together with the original case made by Franz Reischauer from Oberstein.
A very nice item!

Code: 58939

95.00 EUR

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