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US WW2 Normandy D-Day Mannequin

In a very good condition a complete US WW2 Normandy D-Day Infantry Mannequin.
The mannequin has a great look and comes with a complete outfit of an US Infantry Soldier at the start of Operation Overlord (D-Day).
The mannequin contains the following items:
US M1 Helmet (with black diamond decal), Helm net, M-1941 Combat jacket (with Big Red One Patch) ,Wool Shirt with collar disks,Wool pair of trousers, Leggings, Mint US Rough Out Boots, Garand Belt,Suspenders,First Aid Pack with Pouch,Haversack,Canteen,Messtin,M-1910 T-Shovel, British made All purpose bag and early Diaphragm Gasmask set.
We sell this set complete with mannequin and for a very nice price!

Because of the size and weight, shippingcost is on request!

Code: 55551

2395.00 EUR

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US WW2 M1 Named Fixed Bale Combat Helmet

In a very good condition an US WW2 M1 Fixed Bale Combat Helmet.
The Mc Cord helmet is hardly used and comes with 96% of it's original paint. Heatnumber 229B.
Inside is a very nice Firestone High Pressure Liner with zinc coloured A-Washers and an early chinstrap.
The helmet and liner are both named to C.M. Bowline.
A very stunning named helmet that you don't find easy in this condition!

Code: 55542

575.00 EUR

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US WW2 17th Airborne Division Tunic & Shirt set

In a very good condition an US WW2 set of the 17th Airborne Division (known from operation Varsity and the Battle of the Bulge)
The set comes with a very good condition M-1943 Combat field Jacket (dated and labeled 1944) and the Wool shirt (dated and labeled Jan. 1945) both with the original hand sewed 17th AB patches and The technician 3th Grade sleeve chevrons.
A very nice matching set!!

Code: 55549

550.00 EUR

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US WW2 M1 Garand M1D Sniper Cheek Pad

In a very nice condition and very rare to find a US WW2 M1D Sniper Cheek Pad.
The Cheek Pad was used on the M1 Garand Rifle and was made by K-Line (the only wartime manufacture).
The pad comes in the black leather colour and comes with the original cord.
Hard to find!

Code: 55528

299.00 EUR

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German WH Ammo Carrying box

In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht Ammo Carrying box.
The wooden box was used for the cartboard box for Ammo rounds (or "Trageschlaufe")
This box holds 20 cartboard boxes with 15 rounds of 8x57 mm K98 rounds.
A very nice wooden carrying box.

Code: 55512


US Airborne WW2 M-227 Signal Lamp with LG-21 Tripot

In a very nice condition an US Airborne WW2 M-227 Signal lamp.
The lamp comes with the M-341 Gunstock and the LG-21 tripot.
These Signal lamps were used for Airborne operations by Pathfinders.
A very nice set in a working condition.
Very nice for an US Airborne Display!

Code: 55532

299.00 EUR

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German WH Artillery Officer Summer Greatcoat

In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht Heer Officer Artillery Summer greatcoat.
The greatcoat comes in size 2 (normal size) and has attached a set of Heeres Hauptmann shoulderboards in the branche colour (waffenfarbe) of the Artillery Units.
The greatcoat comes with a DRGM marked Dagger strap.

Code: 55521

350.00 EUR

Shortlist item
German K98 Mauser Rifle

In a very good condition a German K98 Mauser Rifle.
The rifle is manufactured by Waffenwerke Bruenn, A.-G., Werke Bystrica in 1942. (Marked Dou 1942).
The rifle is nicely marked Mod.98 and comes with various WaA stamps.
Because of the Dutch regulations all parts are fastened.

The rifle is deactivated according the Dutch law!
Notice! No moving parts at all, free to own for persons of 18 years or older. (and we sell only to persons of 18 years of older).
We will sell only to those countrys where its free own this deactivated rifle.
For Shipping overseas please contact us for the shipping cost.

Code: 55527


US WW2 M-1910 T-Shovel 1943

In a very good condition an US WW2 M-1910 T-Shovel used by US paratroopers and Infantry Troops
The intrenching tool cover is nicely marked W.L. Dumas Mfg.Co. and dated 1943.
The shovel comes in it's original paint and is one of the best T-shovels we have had.
A very nice shovel!

Code: 55538

125.00 EUR

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German WH MG34/42 Camo Painted Ammo Box

In a very nice conditon a German Wehrmacht MG34/42 Ammo Box.
The aluminium made box is in a nice used condition. maker marked and dated 1938.
The box contains a very nice pre wartime camo paint.

Code: 55525

199.00 EUR

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