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German WH Wounded Badge in Silver in Case

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht wounded badge in Silver with it's Original case.
The silvered zinc badge is made by Wächtler & Lange. "L55" and "100" maker marked. Hard to find with it's original dark red case of issue.
Good condition 2.

Code: 56031

195.00 EUR

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German Wehrmacht Mint M36 Jäger Tunic

In a stunning and very rare to find mint German Wehrmacht M36 Pattern Tunic.
The tunic is never been issued and comes with an attached mint set of Wehrmacht ''Jäger' Shoulderboards in the M36 Pattern with the dark green colour.
The tunic is size stamped, not shortened and contains the date of 1940 on one of the stamps inside.
All insignia is original machine sewed to the tunic.
The tunic comes further in a nice size 2 and is without damage or motholes.
A stunning rare tunic that is impossible to upgrade!

Code: 56041

1995.00 EUR

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German Wehrmacht Mint M36 Jäger Tunic

Extra pictures!

Code: 56044

1995.00 EUR

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German Polizei 18 Years Long Service Medal in Case

In a very good condition a German Polizeei 18 Years Long Service Medal 2nd Class in it's original case. ( or Polizei-Dienstauszeichnung 2.Stufe mit etui).
A very nice not easy to find set!

Code: 56029

230.00 EUR

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German Heer Battledamaged M35 'Normandy' Camo Helmet

In a very good condition a stunning German Wehrmacht Heer M35 'Normandy' Camo Helmet.
The helmet comes with a very nice three-tone spraypaint.
The tan colour base contains the red and green colour paint on top of the tan base.
The helmet has underneath the camo paint both decals still visible.
The helmet is made by EF (Emaillierwerke A.G.,Fulda) and comes in the big size of 68 with a 60 liner!
The productionnumber of this former DD helmet is 20407.
Also the name of the former soldier is still inside readable.
The liner has never been out of the helmet and it has a chinstrap attached that is marked: R.Ehrhardt Poessneck 1942.
Very nice to see is that the helmet has on the front battle damage. The helmet was probably hit by schrapnel and wounded the soldier.
There are some small parts of blood on the liner.
This helmet is one of the best Camo Helmet that we have had for sale and a real one-looker!
I think the pictures says enough.

Code: 56042

3500.00 EUR

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German Heer Battledamaged M35 'Normandy' Camo Helmet

Extra pictures!

Code: 56043

3500.00 EUR

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German Mother's Cross in Silver with case

In a very good condition a German Mothers Cross in Silver (Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter, Zweite Stufe) complete with it's original long sized ribbon and original case by the company of 'Werner Redo,Saarlautern'.
A very nice set in very good condition!

Code: 56024

90.00 EUR

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US 82nd Airborne Division M42 Jumpjacket

In a very good condition an US 82nd Airborne M42 Jumpjacket.
The jacket comes with the original zippers and all zinc press studs are present and in working order. There are some minor staines on the tunic yet not disturbing.
The tunic comes in a very good size (no size markings).
The tunic is fitted with oiriginal waist band and with a handsewed 82nd Airborne Division patch. In my opinion postwar added.
The 82nd Airborne patch is a very nice harder to find version with the uncut OD green twill center.
Furthermour the tunic has the rank chevrons of a Technician fourth Grade on both side of the sleeves also handsewed.
You can see inside the sleeves that there was original a pair of these rank cheverons on this tunic.
Inside the tunic there are various laundrynumbers present for further investigation.
A very nice M42 tunic for sure!

Code: 56040

1595.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS 'Croatian' Volunteer's Collar Tab

In a very good condition a German Waffen-SS Collar Tab (Kragenspiegel) as intended for a member within the '13.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS "Handschar" (kroatische Nr.1)'.
Nicely Dachau made tab in a never used condition!

Code: 56016


German Italian Afrika campaign Medal

In a very good condition a zinc based German Italian Afrika campaign medal.(or Deutsch-Italienische Feldzug in Afrika medaille'.
The medal is marked with the designer/cutter 'De Marohis' and is also maker-marked 'Lorioli-Milano' and comes with it's original ribbon.

Code: 56026

110.00 EUR

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