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German WH Instruction manual for Panzerknacker!

In a very nice condition and extreme rare to find a German Wehrmacht instruction manual fort he 60mtr Panzerfaust!
These instruction manuals were attached by the 60mtr panzerfaust for the use!
Very nice item and dated July 1944.

Code: 53916

165.00 EUR

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German MG 34 Breach Cover

In a very nice condition a German MG34 Breach cover.
The cover is in a very good condition with no damage and is maker marked bdq and dated 1943.
Very nice for display on a MG 34.

Code: 54348

450.00 EUR

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German WH Mint Combat Y-straps

In a stunning mint condition a German Wehrmacht combat Y-straps (or Koppeltraggestell).
The Y-straps comes in a complete condition without damage and is probably the best one we have in months to offer. nicely RBN maker marked and in a mint condition.

Code: 54790

250.00 EUR

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German Magazine “Stuttgarter Illustrierte” 21 May 1941

In a nice condition a German Magazine “Stuttgarter Illustrierte” dated 21 May 1941.
On front of the magazine a very nice picture of a MG Anti-Aircraft Unit.

Code: 53049

40.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS payment archive card for non-Germans

In a very nice condition and rare to find a German Waffen-SS payment archive card for non-germans (or Zahlbogen fur Auslander der Waffen-SS).
The card is dated 24 August 1943 and is signed by the Fürsorgeoffizier der Waffen-SS in den Niederlanden!
Very rare item!

Code: 53919


British WW2 Combat Helmet

In a very nice condition a British WW2 Combat Helmet.
The helmet comes in the original WW2 paint and with the original liner and chinstrap.
Helmet size 7
Helmet is made by BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham) and dated 1942.
A very nice helmet!

Code: 54110

150.00 EUR

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German Luftwaffe Träger-Stuka-Staffel 2./186 Navigation Maps

In a very nice condition and very rare to find a set of large German Luftwaffe Navigation Maps of the Trägergruppe 186 (Carrier Group 186)
The set was used by a Stuka pilot of the Träger-Stuka-Staffel 2./186.

Trägergruppe 186 (Carrier Group 186) was activated on 1 October 1938 as part of the program for the completion of the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, construction of which began 28 December 1936 at Kiel. A special version of the Ju 87 dive bomber, specifically the Ju 87C, and a special version of the Messerschmitt fighter, the Bf 109T, were developed for carrier operations, the Graf Zeppelin having an initial combined complement of 42 of these.
But bitter opposition to aircraft carriers and any other sort of naval air arm by Reichsmarschall Göring and other high-ups in the Luftwaffe, coupled with wartime material and skilled labor shortages, caused repeated delays until work on the Graf Zeppelin was brought to a final halt in 1943. Meanwhile, Trägergruppe 186 was committed to front line service from the first day of the war, as its unit history shows, rather than held back to wait for an aircraft carrier than might never be completed.

Trägergruppe 186 (Carrier Group 186) was reformed on 05/07-1940 to III./J.G.77 (III Staffeln Jagdgeschwader 77 (JG 77) Herz Ass ("Ace of Hearts")

The set contains four maps of the Europian Region: West, Mid Europe and the countries France and England.
The maps are dated 19XX and has a scale size of 1:1000 000 and 1:2000 000
Very rare to find set of navigation maps.

Code: 55115

375.00 EUR

Shortlist item
German Waffen-SS M42 Combat Camouflage Smock

In a mint condition and rare to find a German Waffen-SS M42 (1944-1945 period) combat camouflage smock (or Tarnjacke).
The reversible smock comes in the Oakleaf A pattern (Eichenlaubmunster A) and has still the stunning bright summer and autumn colors.
The elastic band on the waist and on the arm sleeves are still in a good functional condition.
The attached camo loops on the front,back and arms are all there and original sewed.
The smock has never been used and comes also with the original string!
If you are looking for a mint camo smock this is it!
impossible to upgrade!

Code: 55166


German Waffen-SS M42 Combat Camouflage Smock

Extra pictures.

Code: 55167


German WH Holster FN Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistole 640(b)

In a nice used condition a German Wehrmacht Softshell Holster for a Belgian FN Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistole 640(b).
The holster is maker marked, dated 1943 and with the WaA stamp.
In a nice used condition.

Code: 55131


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