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German LW mint K98 Bayonet Matching Numbers with Frog

In a near mint condition a German K98 Bayonet with matching numbers.
The bayonet and scabbard are nicely maker marked Carl Eickhorn and are dated 1939.
Both comes with productionnumber: 6147 f
The bayonet comes with the original attached frog. The nice early frog with aluminium fasteners is nicely unit marked at the backside:
LBA / Fl.T.S.A.1.Komp./I. (Probably Flieger Technische Schule)
One of the best bayonets that we had on offer!!!

Code: 54843

295.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS M43 Cavalry Trousers

In a near mint condition a German pair of Waffen-SS M43 Cavalry trousers.
The trousers are in size 2 and comes with the size stamp in the back like all Waffen-SS issued trousers.
(theather stamps are removed)
A very nice stunning pair of trousers in the right cloth and without damage or repairs.
One of the first complete pair of Waffen-SS Breeches we have found!

Code: 54855

575.00 EUR

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German Late War 'Tragegestell M43'

In nice used condition this German Late War 'Tragegestell M43'.
This tragegestell M43 has a blue painted steel frame with webbed adjustable shoulder straps having steel metal tips and roller buckles.

These frames were used to carry ammunition boxes and heavy weapons-related gear, this example is stamped in black ink with maker code and 1944.
Unfortunately there is two straps missing.
A very nice and original example!

Code: 54862

750.00 EUR

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German WH Softshell P38 Pistol Holster

In a mint condition a German Wehrmacht softshell P38 Walter Pistol Holster.
The black leather second model P38 pistol holster comes with the P38 stamp,RBN number 0/0833/007 and Waffenambt.
Impossible to upgrade!

Code: 54859

165.00 EUR

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USAAF WW2 B-4 Mea West Named Life Preserver

In a very good condition an US WW2 Mea West Life Preserver B-4 as used by US Airforce and US Airborne troops.
The vest comes in a complete condition and is dated 1942.
This Mea West life preserver has various inspection dates from 1944 till 1946.
Also is het 5 times named to W.S. Hall with his Army Service Number.
(William S. Hall 1924-2012 was a awarded member of the Army Air Force during WW2)
A very nice life preserver with many stamps and in a very good complete condition!

Code: 54827

375.00 EUR

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German WH Gasmask & Cannister

In a near mint condition a German M31 Gasmask & Cannister.
The cannister comes with it's original mounted straps and is made by ''LL'' and dated 1940.
A very nice gasmask in a near mint condition.
Probably one of the best sets we had on offer!

Code: 54865

250.00 EUR

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German WH Infantry Shoulderboards

In a very good condition a matching pair of German Wehrmacht Infantry Shoulderboards.
The set comes in the rank of 'Feldwebel mit Offiziersanwärter der Infantrie-Truppen'
A very nice set of mid war shoulderboards!!

Code: 54842

250.00 EUR

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German 1 October 1938 “Anschluss” Medal in Case

In a very good condition a German 1 October 1938 “Anschluss” Medal in case.
The medal comes with the 'Prager Burg' clasp on top of the ribbon.
The case is also in a very nice condition with the gold colour eagle.
These medals were issued for the return of Sudetenland to Germany.

Code: 54852

150.00 EUR

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German WH 7,5cm Spr.gr.patr.34 KWK und Stug Ammo box

In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht 7,5cm Sprenggranate patronen 34 KwK und Stug Ammo box
A very nice and rare ammo box with the Original paper label and various text on the steel plated box.
The box comes also with it's original paint,made by JSD and dated 1940.
A very nice box!

Code: 54866

175.00 EUR

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German WH Messtin 1945 dated

In a near mint condition a German Wehrmacht Messtin (or Essgeschirr).
The Aluminium messtin comes with 99% of it's original paint.
The messtin is maker marked MN and dated 1945.
A very nice tin that is very rare to find in a 1945 version!

Code: 54864

175.00 EUR

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