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German NSDAP Visor Cap 'Kreisleiter'

In a very good condition a German NSDAP Political leaders visor cap.
The cap comes in the rank of 'Kreisleiter' and has all insignia original attached.
The cap comes in a nice size 58 and has no moth damage or damage of use.
A very nice and hard to find political cap!

Code: 58731

1475.00 EUR

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German WH M36 Combat Tunic

In a stunning mint condition a German Wehrmacht M36 Combat Tunic.
The tunic comes in a very good mannequin size and has all insiginia original sewed to the tunic!
Inside the pocket is still a large part of the original paper size tag, issued by Hauptbekleidungsambt Berlin.
The tunic comes without any moth damage or damge because of wear/age.
One of the most stunning tunics we can offer!

Code: 58734

1995.00 EUR

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US WW2 Book 'Saga of the All American' 82nd Airborne Division

In a stunning condition the 1946 yearbook of the 82nd Airborne Division in WW2 'Saga of the All American'.
The yearbook comes with it's hard to find paper cover in a stunning condition.
The book contains various pictures,drawings and info over the 82nd Airborne division in the Fields of Sicily Italy France Holland Belgium & Germany!
The book has a size of 24x31cm and contains about 390 pages.
A musthave for every US Airborne collector!

Code: 58719

250.00 EUR

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German Volksturm Armband

In a very good condition a German 'Volkssturm' (People's Army) Armband.
The linnen based armband has never been worn.

Code: 58739

110.00 EUR

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German M35 DD Helmet EF64 'Stalag Holland A'

In a stunning mint condition a German M35 Double Decal Helmet.
The helmet comes in 99% of it's original paint and is made by EF (Emaillerwerke A.G. / Fulda) and comes in size 64 with a size 56 liner.
The helmet shell contains both decals also for 99% and is in my opinion never been used.
The helmet has it's liner original attached and also the maker marked chinstrap.
Productionnumber of the helmet is 20664.
Inside the liner is the name of the former German Owner 'Paarmann' written included it's feldpostnumber 07244.

Feldpostnumber 07244 was issued to:
Stalag Holland A / Kommandant Kriegsgefangenen - Bezirk E.

One of the best helmets we ever had for sale!

Code: 58738

4500.00 EUR

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German LW Felddivision Smock

In a stunning mint condition a German Luftwaffe Felddivision Smock.
The smock comes in the standard splittertarn camo and is made of Herringbone (HBT/Drillich) cloth.
The smock icomes in a very good mannequin size and is RBN number marked (RBN number 0/0274/0042).
The luftwaffe breasteagle is Original sewed to the smock.
A stunning hard to find smock without any damage.
Impossible to upgrade!

Code: 58755

4995.00 EUR

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German Kriegsmarine Camo Gasmask set

In a stunning condition a German Kriegsmarine Camo Gasmask Cannister with Gasmask.
The gasmask comes with the microphone connection and is maker marked by BYD.
The cannister is named (hard to read) and is dated 1943.
The cannister has a stunning 3-tone Kriegsmarine camo paint that is hand painted to the cannister in the colours Red, Brown and Green.
The cannister contains 80% of this stunning camo paint.
It has still the original straps and spare glasses and spring inside.
One of the best and rarest camo gasmask cannisters we have had for sale!
Very hard to find kriegsmarine camo gasmask set!

Code: 58737

1695.00 EUR

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German WH 'Reichskriegsfahne' 100x170cm

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht (Kriegsmarine) 'Reichskriegsfahne' (National War Flag).
The flag comes in size 100x170cm and is maker marked by 'Textildruck Arit'.
The flag has no mothholes or other damage.
A very nice and hard to find flag!

Code: 58754

675.00 EUR

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US Combat Record Book 'The devils in baggy pants' 82nd AB, 504th PIR

In a very good condition an US Combat Record Book 'The devils in baggy pants'; combat record of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment: April 1943-July 1945.
Made by David H. Whittier and William D. Mandle. 1945.
Printed by Draeger Freres, Paris.
Teh hardcover book contains approximately 150 pages with numerous illustrations, maps, and portraits.
Extensive photographs and details of the Regiment's campaigns in Africa, Sicily, Italy, England, Holland, Belgium, France, and Germany.
Includes company group photographs.
Appendices list those killed, missing in action, and held prisoner of war during each campaign.
The book is named to Lt.Fred Schumaker.
A hard to find book of the 504th PIR!

Code: 58720

225.00 EUR

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German WH M35 Officer Tunic Panzergrenadier

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht M35 Officer Tunic.
The tunic comes in the rank of 'leutnant der Panzer- Grenadier Truppen'.
All insiginia is original sewed to the tunic and the tunic has a very good mannequin size.
A very good and hard to find tunic!

Code: 58733

1250.00 EUR

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