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German LW 'Splinter D' Flying Goggles in original cannister

In a stunning near mint condition a German Luftwaffe Splinter (or 'Flieger-Splitterschutzbrille') Flying Goggles.
Introduced in 1944 these third pattern 'anti-splinter' goggles have moulded black plastic frames that hinge at the nose.
They are fitted with small convex clear glass lenses (type D) designed to provide some protection from flying shrapnel debris.
The strap is manufactured using a ribbed grey-green silken headband of the type normally associated with the second pattern.
The frame is in excellent condition bar normal wear and is marked "NiGuRa" (Nitsche and Gunther, Rathenow). No size markings.
The googles comes in the Original cannister that is nicely marked 'Flieger-Splitterschutzbrille mit Ultrasin-Gläsern "D" - Fl 30550'.
In my opinion a never used set and very rare to find!

Code: 58146

995.00 EUR

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German WH M40 Combat Trousers I.R.101

In a very good condition and in my opinion never been used a German Wehrmacht (Heer) M40 Combat trousers.
The trousers comes in a very nice large size and is nicely size stamped in the lining and dated 1940.
Inside the lining is also the name of the Soldier labelled: Gefreiter Pester, 1./I.R.101 (1.Kompanie Infantrie Regiment 101)
The I.R. 101 was part of the blitzkrieg in Poland and France.
The trousers comes with a small repair but in an overal great condition. A very nice pair of Wehrmacht (Heer) Combat Trousers!

Code: 58135

1175.00 EUR

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German 'Volkssturm' Paymentbook

In a very good condition and rare to find a German 'Volkssturm' Paymentbook or 'Soldbuch'.
The book is on the name of Volksturmmann Alfred Vetter and is listed 27 march 1945 in Gau 2 Coburg.
Nice paymentbook with original portrait picture inside!

Code: 58125

185.00 EUR

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German LW Officers Clothing Bag 2.NJG 1

In a very nice condition a German Luftwaffe Officers Clothing bag.
The back comes with the Original black leather straps and a large Rapid zipper.
In a complete used condition and 1943 dated.
Nicely regiment marked 2.NJG 1 (2.Kompanie Nachjagtgeschwarder 1)

Code: 58144


German Hitler Youth Sports Shirt

In a near mint condition a German Hitlerjugend or Hitler Youth Sports Shirt.
There are no rips, holes or other imperfections and it's in my opinion never been issued or used.
The shirt comes in a very nice large size and with it's orginal sewed RZM label inside.
A stunning shirt for sure!

Code: 58126


Bavarian NCO Bayonet Frog with Portopee

In a very good near mint condition a very rare to find Bavarian Army NCO bayonet frog with Portopee.
These portopees were worn by Non-commissed officers on there ervice Dress or "Walking out" uniforms.
Blue and White braid for Bavarian Army units.
Complete with a Brown leather bayonet frog for probably the Kar98 Bayonet.
Nicely marked on the reverse with 5.J.R. ( 5th Infantry Regiment)
A very nice original rare to find set!

Code: 58132


German WH Desk Clock Kienzle 1940

In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht Desk Clock (or 'Betriebsuhr/Schreibtischuhr') in a good working condition.
The desk Clock is nicely marked with 'Heereseigentum' and was made by Kienzle in 1940 with productionnumber 6397.
A very nice clock for display!

Code: 58142


British Press Photo RAF Coastal Command

In a very ncice condition a British Press Photo of the British RAF Coastal Command, liberator who just sunk a German U-Boat.
Size of the picture is approx 20x16cm and is dated 1944.

Code: 58141

20.00 EUR

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British RAF Oxygen Tube Adaptor MK.III

In a very good condition a very rare to find British RAF Oxygen Tube Adaptor MK.III.
The adaptor is made of a black rubber oxygen tube with a MK.III B (6D/101) bayonet connector at one end and a MK.4A 'socket' connector (6D/482) at the other.
These enabled the use of R.A.F. E-series, G-type and H-type masks in older aircraft fitted with early oxygen systems.
These adaptors were also used to connect masks to portable (walkaround) oxygen bottles.
Very rare to find item!!

Code: 58143

395.00 EUR

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US Airborne WW2 Modified Griswold bag

In a very nice condition an US Airborne WW2 Modified Griswold Bag.
The bag is nicely dated 1944 and comes with a large Talon zipper in a working condition.
The bag is nicely modified on one side for the use of a Thompson SMG with the Cutts Compesator.
The snap hook one the rear side is still in place.

Code: 58145

475.00 EUR

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