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German WH NCO Visor Cap 'Panzer'

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht (Heer) Enlisted men/NCO visor cap (or Schirmmütze).
The cap comes in size 56 and is marked by Deutsches Reichspatent Stirndruckfrei.
The visor cap is piped in the pink 'Truppenfarbe' (branch-colour) for Panzer personnel.
The cap is complete with it's original late war zinc based eagle and cocarde.
The blackened patent leather chinstrap is in good condition.
A very nice hard to find cap!

Code: 56359

950.00 EUR

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German WH/LW splitter camo shelter quarter

In a mint condition a German Wehrmacht / Luftwaffe shelter quarter (Zeltbahn 31) in splitter camo.
This shelter quarter has no damage and is in my opinion never used.
It comes with a nice maker stamp and all the attachemnet buttons are also present.
Very nice bright colours.
These quaters were often used as a camo suit.
In this condition hard to find, one of the best we had for sale.
Hard to upgrade this one!

Code: 56357


German Waffen-SS M44 Dot Camo tunic

In a near mint condition a stunning German Waffen-SS M44 Dot Camo HBT Tunic (or Tarnfeldbluse M44). The M44 dot camo (or Erbstarnmuster) comes in a fresh and in my opinion never used condition.
The tunic is inside RBN and size marked and has an original machine sewed RZM style Waffen-SS sleeve eagle.
A stunning mint tunic that comes harder to find in this condition.

Code: 56361

3550.00 EUR

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German WH/LW/SS LP42 Flare Gun

In a very nice condition a German WH/LW/SS LP42 Flare Gun "Leught Pistole 42".
The gun is in a nice working condition and maker marked "euh" (Metallwarenfabrik C.u. W. Meinel-Scholer, Kligenthal/Sachsen)
Also the proofstamps are clearly visible.
A nice used Flare gun!

Notice! The gun is free to own in the Netherlands for persons of 18 year or older, we can only sell to those persons and countrys where its free to own these flare guns, made before the 1st of Januar 1945.

Code: 56358

325.00 EUR

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British WW2 Windproof Camo Jacket & Trousers

In a very nice condition a British WW2 Windproof Camouflage Jacket with zipper and Trousers.
The jacket comes in size 5 and has the original cloth label inside.
The trousers comes in size 7 and is dated 1943.
A very nice matching set.

Code: 56376

675.00 EUR

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German WH Wounded badge in Black E.H. '126'

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht Wounded badge in Black (or Verwundete abzeichen im Schwarz).
The badge is in a very good condition and contains most of it's original paint.
Nicely maker marked B.H. and Manufacturer number 126 (Eduard Hahn, Oberstein)

Code: 56344

55.00 EUR

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German HJ Leader Trousers

In a very good condition a German Hitlerjugend Leader Trousers.
The trousers comes in a nice size 1 and without any damage.
The smooth cloth black coloured trousers contains the original DJ-HJ buttons.
Inside the tunic is a nametag visible with the maker Hans Oldag, Berlin.
A very nice pair of HJ trousers that are not easy to find!

Code: 56367

450.00 EUR

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German Third Reich Battle Flag

In a very good condition a German Third Reich Vattle flag (or Reichskriegsfahne)
The flag comes in the size of 1,50 x 2,50 meter and is in a great shape without any damage and with the original attachment rope.
A great flag for display.

Code: 56366

675.00 EUR

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German HJ Shooting Badge

In a very nice condition a German Hitlerjugend Shooting Badge (or HJ-Schießauszeichnung).
The badge is nicely maker marked with 'RZM M1/77', indicating production by the company of 'Förster & Barth', based in Pforzheim.
The badge has no enemal damage or whatsoever, it comes on a functional pin/catch. Nice example in good used condition!

Code: 56349


German Luftwaffe HBT Combat Trousers

In a very good condition a German Luftwaffe HBT (or Drillichhose) Combat trousers.
The trousers are made of fieldgrey HBT (Drillich) cloth.
The horizontal waistband has a tunnel loop which houses a built-in green HBT belt.
The trousers are marked with size markings (hard to see) and the trousers are nicely maker marked with RBN Number.
Nice and hard to find original Luftwaffe HBT trousers in a very good condition!

Code: 56362

895.00 EUR

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