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US Army WW2 Song Book

In a very good condition an US Army Song Book.
The book is complete and dated 1941.

Code: 61069

20.00 EUR

US WW2 Compass Instruction Cart

In a very good condition an US WW2 Compass/ Map Reading Instruction Cart.
A very nice folding cart with in the middle a paper made compass.

Code: 61070


US WW2 All Purpose Bag

In a very nice condition an US WW2 All Purpose Bag.
The back comes with the carrying strap and is inside nicely maker marked by 'Boyt' and dated 1943.

Code: 61076

150.00 EUR

US WW2 .50 Cal Ammo Box

In a nice used condition an US WW2 .50 Cal Ammo Box.
The ammo box is an early WW2 version and is complete with it's original carrying strap.

Code: 61103


US WW2 Canteen 1942

In a very good condition an US WW2 Canteen.
The canteen comes with a nice used cover that is maker marked by Foley Mfg.Co. and dated 1942.
Inside is the canteen 1943 dated and the cup 1945.
A very nice set!

Code: 61110

65.00 EUR

US WW2 Drill Instructor Hat

In a very good condition an US WW2 Drill Instructor Hat.
The had comes in size 7 and is named inside by C. Hummer.
The had comes with a gold braided double acorn band, and also the leather headband.
Nice hat for display!

Code: 61119

99.00 EUR

US WW2 3-Pocket Grenade Carrier Pouch

In a very good condition an US WW2 3-pocket Grenade Carrier Pouch.
The pouch comes with maker marking by Meyers & Sohn and is dated 1945.
Both straps are in a complete and good working condition.

Code: 61132

35.00 EUR

US WW2 Messtin 1944

In a very good condition an US WW2 Messtin.
The stainless steel messtin in maker marked by MA Co. and dated 1944.

Code: 61125

30.00 EUR

German LW Flight Map Calais France

In a very good condition a German Luftwaffe Flight Map (Fliegerausgabe) of Calais France.
The map comes in scale 1: 500 000 and is dated 1936.
A very nice mapcard for Luftwaffe display!

Code: 61134

75.00 EUR

British WW2 D-Day Veteran Lt.D.N.Hair Essex Yeomanry Grouping

In a very good condition a very rare to find grouping of D.N.Hair Lieutenant of the 8th Armoured Brigade,147th (Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment, (Armoured) Royal Artillery.
The grouping was found 30 years ago by a House clearance in England and came in the original clothing cover, also named to Lt. Hair.
The grouping is very good preserved and is one of the few survived tunics of the Essex Yeomanry.
All items are original named to Lt.Hair and dated 1943/1944.
The grouping comes with the following items:
-Service Dress with Trousers;
-40 Pattern Battledress with trousers (trousers officer modified);
-Black Kangol baret 1944 dated with capbadge;
-Sam brown belt with shoulderstrap;
-8th Armoured and Essex Yeomanry patches;
-His tinnie medal set;
-His original named clothing bag.
Almost all items are named to Lt.Hair.
A very nice and rare to find named grouping!

Code: 61137


British WW2 D-Day Veteran Lt.D.N.Hair Essex Yeomanry Grouping

Extra pictures..

Code: 61138


British WW2 Snow Smock Trousers

In a good condition a British WW2 pair of White Snow Camouflage Smock Trousers.
The trousers come in a very good mannequin size and has a stamp inside 12 RHQ.
Nice for winter display!

Code: 61100

150.00 EUR

US WW2 Thompson Pouch 1943

In a very good condition an US WW2 Thompson Magazine /Utility Pouch.
The pouch is nicely maker marked by Amer Fabrics Company and dated 1943.

Code: 61106


US WW2 M-1936 Pistol Belt

In a very good condition an US WW2 M-1936 Pistol Belt.
The belt comes in the nice khaki colour and is maker marked and dated 1944.
Very nice pistol belt!

Code: 61107

60.00 EUR

US WW2 M1 Helmet Liner Westinghouse

In a good condition an US WW2 M1 Helmet Liner.
The liner comes in it's original paint and with the compleet inner webbing attached.
Maker marked by Westinghouse.
A very nice liner to complete your M1 Helmet.

Code: 61124


US WW2 Red Cross Knitted Sweater

In a very good condition an US WW2 Red Cross Marked Knitted Sweater.
The sweater comes in a nice mannequin size and has the label inside of the Chicago Chapter of the American Red Cross.
A very nice sweater!

Code: 61072

110.00 EUR

US WW2 Winter Mittens

In a very good condition a matching set of US WW2 Winter Camo Mittens.
The mittens are June 1945 dated and has the 'trigger finger' added.

Code: 61114

45.00 EUR

US WW2 M-1943 Winter Camo Intrenching Tool

In a great condition an US M-1943 2nd model Intrenching Tool or Shovel.
The shovel is US stamped and made by Ames and has a very nice original white winter camo.
The cover is made by Dave Mfg Co. and is dated 1944.
Very nice for winter display!

Code: 61105


US WW2 Mountain Rucksack

In a ver good condition an US WW2 Mountain Rucksack.
The Rucksack comes in a complete condition included it steel frame and is maker marked by Meese, Inc. and dated 1943.
Very nice for display on every mountain trooper!

Code: 61120


US WW2 Mountain troops Anorak 'MSGT Joseph C. Sollenberger'

In a very good condition an US WW2 Mountain /Ski Troops Fur Trimmed Anorak.
The anorak comes in a good mannequin and has no damage because of wear and age.
Nicely reversible Green/White Anorak with a name inside (JCS/ 15040006: Sollenberger, Joseph C.) and original oil label dated July 1942.

Code: 61101