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USAAF WW2 Bombsight Sperry T-1

In a very good condition an extreme rare to find USAAF WW2 Bomb Sight Sperry T-1.
These bombsights were used in the Blenheim and Wellington, B 24D-Liberator and the B25C & B 25D-Mitchell Heavy bombers.
Also they were british used as the follow-up of the Mark XIV bombsight on the Halifax, Lancaster, Manchester and Stirling’s heavy bombers from Bomber Command.
This example comes in a good working condition and has all the original labels attached to the sight.
Made by AC Spark Plug and is dated 1943 as serialnumber:43-0015505.
The sight comes with the original and spare lamp and with the glasplate.
A stunning and hard to find bombsight and is great for every USAAF or RAF display!!

For more information on these T-1 bombsight see the page of Henry Black:


Code: 59474

1995.00 EUR

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German LW 'Funkerraum u.Stationsuhr'

In a very good condition a German Luftwaffe 'Funkerraum und Stationsuhr' made by Junghans.
The 'Funkerraum- Stationsuhr' comes in it's orginal field blue/gray luftwaffe painted wooden housing and is still in a working condition.
Inside nicely marked 'Eigentum der Luftwaffe'.
A stunning Luftwaffe timekeeper that makes a great Luftwaffe display!

Code: 59487

495.00 EUR

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German LW 4 Years Service Medal

In a very good conditon a German Luftwaffe 4 Years Service medal.
The medal comes with it's original ribbon with a tinnie Luftwaffe eagle attached.

Code: 59446

75.00 EUR

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German NSDAP Kreistag 1939 Badge

In a very good condition a German NSDAP Kreistag 1939 badge.
The badge is marker marked to reverse "M/9/7 Pfoerster" & Barth, Pforzheim.

Code: 59427

45.00 EUR

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German WH FF33 Field Telephone

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht FF33 (feldfernsprecher 33) Field Telephone.
The telephone comes with a bakelite housing in a very good condition without cracks or damage and has still the original paint on the metal parts for 100%.
Inside the radio is in a complete (only without the always missing battery) condition with the handheld horn and generator handle. Nicely dated 1943.
In my opinion a hardly used field radio.
Great for every display!!

Code: 59481


German Luftwaffe 'Beleuchtungsregler' Messerschmitt

In a very good and never used condition a German Luftwaffe type Fl.32401-4 Beleuchtungsregler.
This variable resistance regulator was produced from 1943 and was used to regulate the equipment board lighting of a Bf-109 Messerschmitt.
A very nice instrument for display made by Siemens.

Code: 59483

165.00 EUR

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German WH 25 Years of Faithfull Service medal in Case

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht 25 years of faithfull service medal in it's original case.

Code: 59453

60.00 EUR

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German WH 40 years of Faithfull service medal

In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht 40 years of faithfull service medal in it's original case.
The case is maker marked by Deschler & Sohn from Munich.

Code: 59454

90.00 EUR

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German Luftwaffe NCO Shoulderboards

In a very good condition a matching pair of German Luftwaffe NCO shoulderboards.
The shoulderboards comes in the branch color of the Artillerie and has on both boards the cord for an officer's candidate (Offizier-Anwärter)
A very nice matching pair!

Code: 59466

95.00 EUR

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German Mapcard of 'Zierikzee' Holland

In a very nice condition a German Color Mapcard of the Dutch area of 'Zierikzee' Holland.
The mapcard comes in scale 1:25 000, has a size of approx.60x40cm and is nicely marked: 'Sonderausgabe ,nur für den Dienstgebrauch'.

Code: 59462

45.00 EUR

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