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US WW2 M5 Gasmask Carrying bag

In a near mint condition an US WW2 M5 Gasmask Carrying bag for the M7 gasmask.
The Rubber bag is intended to be used to hold the M5 assualt gasmask and used by all US Assault troops. These type of gasmasks are known to been used during the D-Day invasion in June 1944.
A very nice bag without any damage!

Code: 53597


German M42 DD Polizei Helmet

In a very nice,near mint, condition a German M42 double decal Polizei Helmet.
The helmet comes with both decals in a 90-95% condition and still with it's original liner attached.
The helmet comes with it's RBN marked chinstrap, dome stap and in nice size 66 (with a 58 liner).
Productionnumber of the helmet is 2577.
Inside the helmet there is still a paper label present with the text: "Rev.Ltnt/D Sch.Losch Staatsministerium". (Revier Leutnant der Schutz Losch Staatsministerium)
A very nice double decal helmet that you don't find othen in a M42 type helmet!!

Code: 53596

1795.00 EUR

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US WW2 BC-611 C Radio Transmitter and Reciever

In a very nice condition a US WW2 BC-611 Type C Radio Transmitter and Reciever.
The Signal Corps BC-611-C is the first pattern with the bakelite hear and speaking plates!! Rare to find!
The BC-611-C is made by Galvin Corp. Chicago/Illnois and dated 1943.
The Radio is also in working condition (without batteries).
A very nice hard to find version!

Code: 53571


German WH 8 cm S.Gr.W.34 "Kommandobuch"

In a nice used condition an extreme rare to find user manual of the Wehrmacht 8cm Schweren Granatwerfer 34 Truppe. (8 cm heavy mortar group)
The book is dated 1939 and issued by Mars-Verlag Berlin.
A very hard to find pocket book!

Code: 53577

199.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS M43 Panzer Cap enlisted men

In a near mint condition a German late war Waffen-SS M43 Panzer Cap Enlisted Men (or Einheitsfeldmütze M43).
The “Dachau” made cap comes in the nice late war black wool and is complete with a late war type black woolen eagle/skull trapezoid Waffen SS patch that is original machine sewed to the cap.
The cap comes in size 56 and is also stamped in the grey coloured HBT lining.
A very stunning cap for sure with no damage!

Code: 53598

2595.00 EUR

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US WW2 Roadmap "Vielsalm" 1:50.000

In a nice used condition a US WW2 roadmap of the Vielsalm region.
The map comes in colour and in scale of 1: 50.000
dated 1943, second edition.
Very nice for your battle of the bulge display!

Code: 53573


US WW2 M-1943 Intrenching Tool

In a great condition an US M-1943 Intrenching Tool or Shovel.
The shovel is made by Wood and dated 1943.
The cover is made by Victory canvas company . and dated 1943.
A very nice early tool with the leather reinforcement.

Code: 53575


US WW2 Enamel Canteen

In a very nice condition a US WW2 Canteen.
The canteen cover is maker marked and dated 1942.
Inside is a very rare to find early dated canteen. The canteen is made in black colour enamel and made by USS Company and dated 1942.
Also inside a zinc cup that is originaly inside the cover.
Very nice and rare!

Code: 53576

150.00 EUR

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German LW Summer flying helmet "Lkp S 101" Heinz Birkholz / JG 5

In a nice used condition a German Luftwaffe Lkp S 101 Siemens flying helmet or "Kopfhaube".
The summer flying helmet comes with the earphones (and re attached cable) and is on the name of the famous "Heinz Birkholz" (Jagdgeschwarder 5) and author of many many WW2 and Airplane books!

Code: 53578

350.00 EUR

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German WH/SS M42 Sweater

In a very nice near mint condition a German Wehrmacht / SS M42 Sweater/Pullover (or schlupfjacke 42).
This grey wool sweater comes in size 1 and is in a very nice near mint condition.
very hard to find these days!

Code: 53599

375.00 EUR

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