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Allied Droppingflyer Paratroopers

In a mint condition an Allied Droppingsflyer of the SHAEF ( Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force) with the subject of the treatment of allied Paratroopers.
The flyer is dated March 1945.

Code: 56878


Boxed LW German Cross in Gold 'Erich Wiese' Knight's Cross Recipient

In a very good condition a Boxed German Cross in Gold on the name of 'Erich Wiese' Hauptmann der Luftwaffe and recipient of the Knight's Cross. (RK-26.03.1944).

Erich Became his German Cross in gold on the November 10th, 1942 as a oberleutnant der Luftwaffe as a member of the Aufklärungsstaffel 1.(F)/Nacht, Luftwaffe.
Erich died on the 31 December 1943 at the age of 30.
The German Cross in gold comes in a very good condition attached box.
The Cross itself is made by Deschler & Sohn, München and marked maker number '1'.
On the reverse of the Cross the name of Erich Wiese is handwritten together with his rank 'Oblnt' and his postnumber 27754.
This is a very nice marked set and rare to find attached to a knight's Cross Luftwaffe Member!

(16.2.1941-18.7.1941) Nachtflug-Staffel 1
(15.2.1942-30.7.1942) Nachtaufklarungs-Staffel 1 d. General der
Luftwaffe beim Ob.d.H.
(31.7.1942-9.2.1943) Nachtaufklarungs-Staffel 1.

WIESE, Erich. (DOB: 08.07.13). (W.B.K. Hersfeld). (R, DKG). 13.07.42 Oblt. and Beobachter, awarded
the Ehrenpokal. 10.11.42 Oblt. in 1.(F) Nachtaufkl.St., awarded the DKG. 01.04.43 promo to Hptm.
(Kr.O.).(RDA 01.04.43). 31.12.43 KIA vic Pervomaisk. 26.03.44 Hptm. formerly in 1. Nacht Aufkl.St.,
posthumously awarded the Ritterkreuz.

Code: 56921

3250.00 EUR

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German WH 2cm Anti-Aircraft Shell 1943

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht 2cm late war steel made Anti-Aircraft (Flak) Shell.
The shell is made by 118, 1943 dated and WaA marked.
A very nice shell!

Code: 56910

15.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS Tropical M43 Cap

In a very good condition and extreme hard to find Waffen-SS Tropical M43 type Field Cap.
The cotton made cap comes in size 57 and was found years ago in the 'Statni Film' studios from Prague, after the cold-war lots of original material surfaced out of the props of these studios.
The cap comes with original (hard to find cap eagle) tropical insignia in front of the cap that is postwar handsewed to the cap.
These caps are very very rare to find these days and one of the rarest types of Waffen-SS Headgear!

Code: 56917

3995.00 EUR

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German WH Sponge Bag

In a very good condition and rare to find a German Wehrmacht Sponge bag (or Kulturbeutel).
These bags were used by the German soldiers for there personel items like toothbrush, soap, shaving gear etc. for after or before taking a bath or Shower.
Rare to find personel bag and great for display of personal items! (see picture from reference book of Agustin Saiz).

Code: 56886

25.00 EUR

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German (Dutch) Signal Magazine August 1940

In a very good condition a German (Dutch Language) Signal Magazine dated August 1940.
A very stunning cover on the FrontPage with a German Luftwaffe bomber.

Code: 56881

25.00 EUR

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German WH M31 Gasmask & Cannister

In a very good condition a German M31 Gasmask & Cannister.
The cannister comes with it's original mounted late war straps and is made by 'kgb' and 1943 dated.
Straps are made by 'ebd' and 1944 dated.
The gasmask comes with the spare glasses and a late war type gasmask also dated 1944.
A very nice gasmaskset in a very good condition!

Code: 56892

225.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS Sidecap

In a very good condition a German Waffen-SS Sidecap.
The cap comes wiith all insignia Original sewed to the cap.
The size of the cap is 58 and has only some light traces of use.
A very stunning Waffen-SS sidecap!

Code: 56922

2650.00 EUR

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German WH G43 Ammo Pouch

In a very good, near mint condition a German G43 Ammo Pouch.
The pouch is made of black colour with brown leather straps and black leather beltloops.
The pouch is nicely maker marked by 'bla' and dated 1944.

Code: 56896

150.00 EUR

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German Wehrmacht Socks

In a nice used condition a matching pair of German Wehrmacht socks.

Code: 56900


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