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German Wehrmacht Stretcher 1939

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht Stretcher.
The stretcher was found last week in Austria and has lying there since the war in a former German Hospital.
The stretcher comes with a Fieldgray metal frame, WaA stamped and made by Gefrag 1939 (D.R.P.)
The frame contains the original wooden carrying handles and a nice tan colour canvas cover.
Very hard to find stetcher and stunning for every mannequin display!

Because of the weight, shippingcost to foreign countries on request!

Code: 56857

499.00 EUR

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US WW2 Airborne GVM Chestpack 101st Airborne Division, 502nd PIR

In a very good condition and very rare to find an US WW2 Airborne Reserve Canopy Chestpack of the 101st Airborne Division,502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment.
The chestpack is made by Pioneer Parachute Inc. and is the AN 6514-1 Type.
The chestpack is dated 1944 with parachute markingnumber 334597.
At the reverse the chestpack is nicely G.V.M. (George van Horn Moseley) marked, indicated use by the 502nd PIR/101st AB.
A very hard to find US Paratrooper 101st AB item!

Code: 57705

1850.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS Song Book

In a very good condition a rare to find German Waffen-SS Song Book (or Liederbuch).
The book comes with all papers inside and was issued by the Zentralverlag der NSDAP in Munich.
A rare song book!

Code: 57619


US WW2 101st Airborne Divison Patch

In a very good condition an US WW2 101st Airborne Division Patch 'Screaming Eagles'.
Th patch comes with the loose 'Airborne' tab.
A very nice patch!

Code: 57604

120.00 EUR

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German Boxed Stahlhelmbund 1931 Badge

In a very good condition and rare to find a German Stahlhelmbund Member badge 1931 (or Diensteintrittsabzeichen 1931) in it's original issued box.
The size of the badge is 35mm and is made of 935 Silver with the etching "V.Wm.402 10.6.31 ", Maker marked by STh (Stahlhof Magdeburg) GES.GESCH.
Also the original issued box is at the bottom handmarked 402/31.
A very nice and hard to find matching set!
A very rare to find early Stahlhelmbund badge.

Code: 57658

225.00 EUR

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German First Aid Bandage 1940

In a mint condition a large pack of German First Aid Bandage (Faden abstreifen).
The bandage is dated 1940 and made by G.Boremsky K.G. from Dusseldorf.

Each German Soldier was issued with two bandages. One Large & one Small, they were kept in the inner pocket of the Combat Feldbluse.

Code: 57665

15.00 EUR

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German Wehrmacht Binocular 'SRB&STYS'

In a very good used condition a German Wehrmacht 6x30 Binocular.
The binocular is made and marked by 'SRB&STYS' from Prag and nicely marked 'Dienstglas 6x30 53774 H/6400'.
It comes with the original strap,button attachement and WaA marked lenscover.
The binocular has a very good clear view and has inside the lens the 'strichplatte' visible.
A very good binocular set in a used condition!

Code: 57678

240.00 EUR

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German WH K98 Bayonet Frog

In a mint condition a German Wehrmacht K98 Bayonet frog.
The frog comes in it's complete condition and is maker marked by Gebr.Graf from Kuchenheim and is dated 1943.
Impossible to upgrade!

Code: 57606


German WH Compass

In a nice used condition a German Wehrmacht Compass.
The metal made compass is in a working condition.

Code: 57661

50.00 EUR

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German LS First Aid Box

In a very good condition a German Luftschutz First Aid Box or Verbandkasten.
The box comes with the complete paper tag inside and is dated 1937.
Inside the box are still various pieces of first aid bandages and more.

Code: 57647

110.00 EUR

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