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US WW2 M1 Swivel Bale Helmet

In a very good condition an US WW2 M1 Helmet Swivel bale, front seam.
The helmet is made by Mc Cord and has an heatstamp number marked but hard to see because of the original olive drap paint on top.
The helmet comes with original sewed helmet straps.
The paint of the helmet and decal is very good.
The liner is made by Firestone and is an early wartime production in a very good shape and complete (chinstrap a little damaged)
A very stunning swivel bale helmet that become harder to find in this condition.

Code: 57033

450.00 EUR

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US WW2 Thompson Sling 1944

In a very good condition an US WW2 Thompson machinegun sling.
The sling is nicely marked and made by J.A. Shoe and 1944 dated.

Code: 57091

110.00 EUR

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US WW2 Airborne Drop Container Identification Light

In an nice used condition an US WW2 Airborne Drop Container Identification Light.
Made by "Standard Aircraft Products Inc., Dayton Ohio USA"
These light where used on drop containers, to find and identificate a drop container and its payload. This one is a yellow light and comes with the original package.

Code: 57192

175.00 EUR

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British WW2 .303 Tracer Ammo Box

In a very nice condition a British WW2 .303 Tracer ammo box.
the ammo box was used for 129 tracer cartridges and is nicely dated 1944.

Code: 57407

75.00 EUR

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US WW2 Airborne GVM Chestpack 101st Airborne Division, 502nd PIR

In a very good condition and very rare to find an US WW2 Airborne Reserve Canopy Chestpack of the 101st Airborne Division,502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment.
The chestpack is made by Pioneer Parachute Inc. and is the AN 6514-1 Type.
The chestpack is early 1943 made and contained a 1944 parachute with number 334597.
At the reverse the chestpack is nicely G.V.M. (George van Horn Moseley) marked, indicated use by the 502nd PIR/101st AB.
A very hard to find US Paratrooper 101st AB item!

Code: 57705

1750.00 EUR

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US WW2 Enlisted Men Wool Shirt

In a mint condition a US WW2 wool shirt for enlisted men.
The shirt has the original oil label on the inside and comes in size 14,5-32 and is dated 1944.
The shirt has never been issued,one button missing.

Code: 57724

65.00 EUR

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US Airborne WW2 Luminous Helmet Disk in Pouch

In a very good condition an US Airborne WW2 Paratrooper Lumious helmet disk.
The disk comes with it's original pouch.
The disk is on the backside marked with the text “Poison inside”.
Very nice for display and rare to find US paratrooper item with the pouch!!

Code: 55057

250.00 EUR

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US WW2 M-1943 Combat Jacket

In a very nice condition an US WW2 M-1943 Combat Jacket.
The B-Pattern jacket comes with removed labels and comes in a very nice mannequin size.
Has one button missing but in an overall good condition with less damage of wear.
A very nice jacket!

Code: 57905

175.00 EUR

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USAAF WW2 B-4 Mea West Life Preserver

In a very good condition an US WW2 Mea West Life Preserver B-4 as used by US Airforce and US Airborne troops.
The vest comes iwith one strap removed and is dated April 1944.
Overall in a very good condition!

Code: 57890

275.00 EUR

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US WW2 M-1943 Buckle Combat Boots

In a nice used condition a matching pair of US WW2 M-1943 Buckle Combat Boots.
The boots comes in size 9 1/2 D and are maker marked by 'HV'.
A very nice set of US Buckle Combat boots.

Code: 57909


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