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German Wehrmacht Binocular 'fzg'

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht 6x30 Binocular.
The binocular is made and marked by 'fzg' (Feinmechanik GmbH Kassel) and nicely marked 'Dienstglas 6x30 910 H/6400'.
A very nice binocular with almost all it's original paint!
It comes with the original strap,button attachement and cover.
The binocular has a very good clear view and has inside the lens the 'strichplatte' visible.
A very good binocular set!

Code: 57415

299.00 EUR

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German WW2 Wehrmacht Sigar

In a very good condition a German WW2 Sigar.
The sigar is made in Holland for the German Wehrmacht.
It has it's original paper label marked with the text: 'für Deutsche Wehrmacht'.
A very nice original WW2 sigar for display!

Code: 57426

10.00 EUR

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German WH wall sign 'Eingang Verboten!'

In a very good condition a stunning German Wehrmacht wooden Wall Sign 'Eingang Verboten!'.
The size was resently discovered in a private household in Germany and wasused by an WW2 German Ammunition depot.
The sign comes in a size of 15x26cm.
Hard to find original wooden wall sign!

Code: 57420

350.00 EUR

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British WW2 4-piece medalbar

In a very good condition a British WW2 4-piece medalbar.
The medal bar contains the rare to find Order of St.John in Silver for Officers, the France and Germany Star,The Victory Medal and The Defence Medal.

Code: 57423

99.00 EUR

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German Wehrmacht map of 'Nishne Tschirskaja'

In a very good condition an used German Wehrmacht (Heer) map of 'Nishne Tschirskaja' from Operation Barbarossa (the attack on Russia) used by the 6th Army of Army Group South.
The colour printed map comes in a size of 50x68cm and is called 'C49 Nishne Tschirskaja' with a scale of 1:300000 and nicely stamped 'Sonderausgabe,nur für den Dienstgebrauch!' dated february 1942.
The map was ordered by the 'Generalstab des Heeres, Abt.f.Kr.-Krt. u. Verm.-Wesen (Abteilung fur Kriegskarten- und Vermessungswesen'.

This used map comes justlike the other Russian maps we updated today from a legacy of a German Wehrmacht NCO and veteran of Operation Barbarossa and also the Battle of Stalingrad.

Code: 57444

125.00 EUR

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British WW2 Ordnance QF 25-pounder Shell Case

In a very nice condition a British WW2 Ordnance QF 25-pounder shell case.
The case did contain 4 HE (high-explosive) ID shells.
The case is dated 1944 and also the painted texts on the sides.
A very nice Shell Case!

Code: 57447

65.00 EUR

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German Third Reich era reprinted banknote

In a very nice condition a very rare to find Third Reich era banknote. The 1000 Mark banknote is overprinted by the SA (sturmabteilung) with an anti-semitic propaganda overprint.
"Ostjude Parvus-Helphand, Rumänischer Getreide Schieber,
Geldgeber der Novemberverbrecher..., Volksgenossen werdet Nationalsozialisten lest den Völkischen-Beobachter München''
The piece is in 'used but good' condition and very rare to find!

Code: 57430

99.00 EUR

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German WH Matching K98 Bayonet 'E.&F. Hörster'

In a stunning condition a German Wehrmacht K98 Mauser Bayonet.
The bayonet is complete number matching and in a great condition.
Maker marked by E.&F. Hörster Solingen and dated 1941.
Productionnumber 3832l
One of the best bayonets we have had for sale!

Code: 57436


German WH Splittertarn camo Winter Hood

In a near mint condition a German Wehrmacht splittertarn camo winter hood or "Kopfhaube".
The winter hood has no damage and very bright colours and also nicely marked. size 3.
A very nice item!

Code: 57413

265.00 EUR

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German WH/LW/SS LP34 Flare Gun

In a nice condition a German WH/LW/SS LP34 Flare Gun "Leught Pistole 34"
The gun is in a nice working condition and maker marked "Erma Erfurt".
Also the proofstamps are clearly visible.
A nice used Flare gun!

Notice! The gun is free to own in the Netherlands for persons of 18 year or older, we can only sell to those persons and countrys where its free to own these flare guns, made before the 1st of Januar 1945.

Code: 57421

325.00 EUR

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