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US WW2 Panel Signal AL-141-B Airborne Pathfinders

In a very nice condition a US WW2 Second World Airborne Paratrooper Pathfinder Landing Zone Canvas Case Panel AL-141-B Red B-22.
This case has a reflective panel part used by first wave forces to mark the drop zone for latter waves of paratroopers. The reflective panel has some minor cracks.

Code: 57237


German LW Aircrew Oxygenmask Type 10-6702

In a nice used condition a German Luftwaffe Aircrew Oxygenmask Type 10-6702.
The mask comes in a little stiff condition and is maker marked by 'byd'.
The straps are not original (like always) and it's missing it's clip.
Still a very rare to find Luftwaffe oxygenmask!!

Code: 57250


German WH Wounded badge in Black

In an used condition a German Wehrmacht Wounded badge in Black (or Verwundete abzeichen im Schwarz).
The badge comes with maker marking 107 (Carl Wild)
A very nice used badge.

Code: 57242


German LW Summer Flight Helmet

In a very good condition a German Summer Luftwaffe Flight helmet (or Flieger Kopfhaube LKp S101).
The helmet comes in a very nice size 58 and comes with the integral communications equipment and original wire and plug.
A very nice flying helmet!

Code: 57248

350.00 EUR

Shortlist item
German Panzer Close Combat Manual M4 Sherman

In a very good condition a German Panzer Close Combat Manual of the US M4 Sherman Tank.
The manual is dated 1943.

Code: 57232


US WW2 Yank Magazine Victory Edition

In a very good condition an US WW2 Yank Magazine.
The magazine is the Victory Edition and was made by the troops and for the troops.
A very nice example of the weekly magazine.

Code: 57230


German LW Leather Pilot Gloves

In a very good condition a matching pair of German Luftwaffe Brown Leather Pilot Gloves.

Code: 57235

250.00 EUR

Shortlist item
German WH PPK Holster

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht PPK Holster.
The holster comes in the brown leather colour and is in a very good condition. No maker stamps visible.

Code: 57233


German War Merit Cross with Swords

In a very good condition a German War Merit Cross Medal with swords.
The zinc made medal comes with the maker marking number 14 (L. Christian Lauer' in Nürnberg)

Code: 57243

32.50 EUR

Shortlist item
US WW2 Grenade Pouch 1944

In a mint condition an US WW2 Grenade Pouch.
The pouch comes with both straps and was made by Tweety and dated 1944.

Code: 57231

45.00 EUR

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