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US WW2 M6A1 AT Carrying Frame

In a very good condition an US WW2 M6A1 Anti Tank Mine Carrying Frame.
The frame is dated 1944 and is in a complete condition.

Code: 57887

55.00 EUR

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US WW2 .50 Cal Ammo Box

In a very good condition an US WW2 .50 Caliber Ammunition box.
The box is US 'bomb' marked and made by United.
These ammunition boxes could hold 105 rounds of .50 cal. ammo.

Code: 57872

30.00 EUR

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US WW2 M1 Swivel Bail Combat Helmet

In a very nice condition an US WW2 M1 Swivel Bail Helmet.
The helmet comes in it's original rough structure paint and with the original attached chinstraps.
Helmet is made by McCord.
The helmet has a liner made by Firestone in a complete condition with also the chinstrap.
A very nice helmet!

Code: 57899

395.00 EUR

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US WW2 M5 Gasmask with M7 Carrying Bag

In a very good condition and rare to find an US Ww2 M5 Gasmask with the M7 Carrying Bag.
The M5 gasmask and filter are 1944 dated and in a very good condition.
The M7 Rubber bag has nice OD7 webbing straps.
These sets were used by all the Assault troops included Airborne troops.

Code: 57891

550.00 EUR

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US WW2 M-1938 Wire Cutter with Carrying Pouch

In a very good condition an US WW2 M-1938 Wire Cutter with Carrying Pouch.
The pouch is nicely dated 1942 and made by J.S.&S.Co.
The Wire Cutter is dated 1945 and made by W.S.Co.
A very good set!

Code: 57881

80.00 EUR

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German BDM Kletterweste Insignia

In a good condition a tunic removed BDM (Bund Deutscher M├Ądel) tunic insignia.
These were used on the 'Kletterweste'.

Code: 58528

45.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS Visor Cap Insignia

In a very nice used condition a set of Waffen-SS Visor cap insignia.
The set comes with a RZM 499/41 marked Skull without prongs.
The cupal made skull was made by Fritz Zimmermann of Stuttgart.
The Waffen-SS Eagle is also made of Cupal and is RZM 394/35 marked. A very nice hard to find early eagle with one prong attached.
Very nice set for display with a great patina!

Code: 58539

950.00 EUR

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German WH M43 HBT Combat trousers

In a nice used condition a German Wehrmacht (Heer) M43 HBT (Drillich) made Combat Trousers.
The trousers comes in a very good mannequin size, are size stamped and comes without any holes or other damage.
Some resewed buttons and on the inside some missing buttons but still in my opinion a hard to find (used) HBT M43 type of trousers.

Code: 58550

895.00 EUR

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German Wehrmacht Brown Leather Belt

In a stunning mint condition a German Wehrmacht Brown Leather Combat Belt.
The belt has never been issued and comes with a nice Aluminium made catch.
The length of the belt is 95cm and is also dated 1938!
A very hard to find belt!

Code: 58543

185.00 EUR

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German WH Leather K98 Frog

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht Black Leather K98 Frog.
The frog comes with a hard to read RBN number on the reverse.
A very nice frog!

Code: 58530

65.00 EUR

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