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German WH Sword Hanger

In a very nice condition a German Wehrmacht Sword Hanger.
The hanger comes with a nice early aluminium catch that is DRGM marked and made by Assmann.

Code: 57613

65.00 EUR

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German WW1/WW2 4-Piece Medal Bar

In a very good condition a German WW1/WW2 4-Piece medal bar.
The medal bar contains the WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class Hindenburg Cross, 25 Years Service medal and the Airdefense medal.
A very nice set!

Code: 57670

199.00 EUR

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German Third Reich Era Sweetner

In a mint condition a German Third Reich Era Package of sweetner.
The package comes with it's original sweetner content which is equivalent of “3,3/4” kilo of sugar.
Used for thee, coffee etc.
In good condition.

Code: 57666

25.00 EUR

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German WH Mapcase Measuring Rod

In a very good condition a German
Wehrmacht Mapcase Measuring Rod.
The measuring rod comes in length of 15cm and is made of wood.
Very nice to complete your mapcase!

Code: 57702

25.00 EUR

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British WW2 Tin Can of Boiled Sweets 1943

In a very nice condition a British WW2 Tin Can of Boiled Sweets.
The tin can is marked: Boiled Sweets, 5 onz. and made by J.P.Ltd and packed 5/1943.
very nice for display!

Code: 57645

40.00 EUR

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German WH M43 HBT Combat trousers

In a stunning mint condition a German Wehrmacht (Heer) M43 HBT (Drillich) made Combat Trousers.
The trousers comes in a very good mannequin size and comes without any damage.
In my opinion the trousers are never been used!
The trousers are size stamped and RBN number marked and comes with all zinc made, yellow painted buttons.
A real stunning pair of late war Wehrmacht (Heer) Trousers

Code: 57686

1250.00 EUR

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German First Aid Bandage 1944

In a mint condition a large pack of German First Aid Bandage (Faden abstreifen).
The bandage is dated 1944 and made by W.Sohngen & Co Wiesbaden.

Each German Soldier was issued with two bandages. One Large & one Small, they were kept in the inner pocket of the Combat Feldbluse.

Code: 57651

15.00 EUR

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US WW2 Prisoner of War Tag US 3th Infantry Division North Africa

In a very good condition an early wartime US Prisoner of War Label Tag.
The label tag comes with used marking on the front. Dated 6 February 1943 and unit marked by the 3th Division.
This oil label tag was almost for sure used in the North Africa Campaign (Tunisia Campaign) as it was found in Germany resently.
Very nice and hard to find label tag with on the reverse the instruction in various languages.

Code: 57624

120.00 EUR

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German WH 'Feldgendarmerie' Cufftitle

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht 'Feldgendarmerie' cufftitle.
The cufftitle comes in the rare to find sewing version and is clearly tunic removed.
The total length of the cufftitle is 40cm.
A very nice stunning cufftitle that is hard to find these days!

Code: 57614

595.00 EUR

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German Waffen-SS Portrait 'Sturmmann 1944'

In a very good condition a German Waffen-SS portrait of a Waffen-SS soldier in the rank of 'Sturmmann'.
The portrait comes in it's original frame and is never taken out.
Underneath the portrait the border is named 'Repro van Rosch, Heidelberg 1944'.
Also the frame is made in Heidelberg.
The size of the portrait with frame is 37x30cm.
A very nice hard to find portrait!

Code: 57654

175.00 EUR

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