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German Magazine “Illustrierter Beobachter ”30 May 1940

In a very nice condition a German newspaper "Illustrierte Beobachter" Dated 30 May 1940.
The paper comes with a large picture of 2 Wehrmacht soldier that were awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class on the battlefield.
Very nice picture!!

Code: 53534

35.00 EUR

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German WH Cuffband 'Feldhernhalle'

In a very good condition and rare to find a German Wehrmacht Cuffband of the 'Feldhernhalle' Panzer Grenadier Division.
The cuffband is approx 30cm long and is made of tan rayon construction with a repeating, interwoven, waffle pattern and machine, "BeVo", woven, Sütterlin style script "Feldherrnhalle" in silvery/grey celleon threads.
A very nice cuffband for sure!!

Code: 56252

475.00 EUR

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German WH Large Full Colour portrait Painting

In a stunning condition a German Wehrmacht large size portrait painting in full colour.
The painting comes in size of 65x55cm and is attached to a golden coloured frame.
The portrait is made by F.Hass and is dated 1943.
On the portrait is a Wehrmacht ‘Leutnant’ der Infantrie Truppen.
A very nice painting that is very rare to find in this size!

Code: 56507

195.00 EUR

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German WH Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze '25'

In a very good condition a very rare to find German Wehrmacht Panzer Assault badge in Bronze for 25 assault/Combat days. (or Panzerkampfabzeichen in Bronze mit Einsatzzahl 25)
This PAB25 comes with a great patina and is made by the company of 'Josef Feix & Söhne' in Gablonz an der Neiße (non maker marked example).

The institution order indicated the criteria for award of the badge was to be effective as of January 1st 1940. On June 1st 1940 a Bronze version of the Panzer Assault Badge was introduced for award to Panzer-Grenadier, medical, and armored car personnel who participated in three different armored assaults on three different days. By June 1943 it was realized that the Panzer Assault Badges didn’t sufficiently recognize the number of assaults participated in, which resulted in the introduction of the numbered, Special Grade of the Panzer Assault Badge on June 22ND 1943. The numbered, Special Grade of the Panzer Assault Badge were awarded with the numerals, 25, 50, 75 and 100.

If you are looking for a bronze example of the Panzer Assault Badge 25 in a great condition, this is it!

Code: 57073

1850.00 EUR

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US WW2 Airborne M1 Helmet liner Westinghouse

In a very nice used condition an US WW2 M1 Airborne liner made by Westinghouse.
The 2nd model Westinghouse liner comes in a nice and good condition.
The outside paint is probably early postwar repainted.
Inside the liner is maker marked westinghouse and comes with the A-frames intact.
A very nice WW2 M1 Airborne liner that is easy to be used inside a WW2 Parahelmet or fixed bale helmet.

Code: 57106

495.00 EUR

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US Army WW2 Gilette Razor set

In a very good condition an US Army WW2 Gilette Razor set.
The box is nicely marked 'Khaki Set property US Army Gilette'.

Code: 57100


German NSDAP Golden Party Badge '1603'

In a very good condition a German NSDAP Golden Party Badge Low number '1603' (Goldenes Parteiabzeichen) and comes in the 24mm version made by 'Joseph Fuess' from Munich.
This small type badge was designed for civilian wear. The shows the same design as the standard enamel NSDAP party membership badge, surrounded by a thin white enamel border and a golden laurel leaf wreath. The badge is made of fire gilded brass. The enamel shows almost no slight damage because of wear.
The badge is nicely maker marked on the pin plate by the company 'Joseph Fuess' in München.
The original pin/catch construction is complete and also in a great shape. The member's party number '1603' has been engraved on the back.
The person belonging to this party number is regrettably unknown.
A Scarce original example in a very good condition and with a very hard to find low partynumber!!!

The Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP was authorized by a Hitler decree of October 13, 1933 to honor those Party Members who, as of November 9, 1933, had a registered membership number under 100,000 - provided their party membership had been active and uninterrupted since the NSDAP's re-founding on February 17, 1925. In fact, the NSDAP had already exceeded membership number 100,000 by December, 1928 (although only about 55,000 had remained with the Party - the rest dropped out for various reasons, including the inability to pay dues during the depression). On November 9, 1933 the Treasury Department of the NSDAP certified only 22,282 of the first 100,000 NSDAP members eligible for the badge.

Code: 57072

795.00 EUR

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German Wehrmacht Combat Belt 'Franz Brehme'

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht Combat belt.
The belt comes in the length of 98 cm and has a late war blue/gray painted steel catch.
The belt is maker marked by Franz Brehme Walsrode and dated 1940.
A very nice combat belt.

Code: 57083

120.00 EUR

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German WH M40 SD Combat Camo Helmet

In a very good condition a German Wehrmacht SD M40 Combat Camo helmet.
The helmet comes with a one tone green brush stripingon the helmet..
The helmet is made by ET (Eisenhüttenwerk Thale, Thale/Harz) and comes in size 64.
The helmet liner has size 56 and has never been taken out!
The helmet has the Wehrmacht Heer eagle for 92% on the helmet.
The helmet has productionnumber 1431.
The chinstrap of the helmet is also present.
A very stunning helmet with some nice camo stripes!

Code: 57085

1450.00 EUR

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German NSDAP Party Badge 'M1/3'

In a very good condition a German NSDAP Party Badge.
The enamel version of the badge is made by 'M1/3' Max Kremhelmer from München.
The badge is RZM marked on the reverse and also number marked 'M1/3'.
A very nice badge!

Code: 57081


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